This life in pictures.

The Proverbial Phoenix and All That

As usually happens, I start into these sort of blogging projects with high expectations, which fizzle out after a short while. Unfortunately, as far as this project was concerned, I started this blog about five minutes before I completely lost my  taste for photography. A prolonged disappointment with my equipment, being constantly overwhelmed by the photo editing process and a need to focus on other endeavors in the interest of turning a buck all conspired against my best intentions. I’ve actually got an unpublished post sitting among some drafts that chronicled the very demise of my burgeoning career as a photographer.

In recent weeks, however, I’ve felt the itch returning. I’ve picked up the camera on a few occasions, and it feels right again. So, I’m starting over at square one… well, as close to square one as I can, I suppose. There are a couple dozen posts already up here that I’ll let stand, but I’m renewing my focus (pun, whee)  to this page by relaunching as a photoblog. While I may still tackle the issues facing my broader day by day, I’ll strive to couch it in the confines of the photo.

Onto today’s photo:

I had a visit from my sister and her, ahem, “grandson” this afternoon. I love photographing cooperative babies, and this 8 month old was all kinds of into it. I’m still shooting with my Olympus E-600 and I had the 40-150, f4.0-5.6 kit lens attached. Before I put the camera down some time back, I had been in the midst of a strictly f8 shooting project where I’d leave the camera in aperture priority and set to f.8. I had an awful lot of success with that game, and never reset the rig. I started off with that today, but found the shutter speed to be too slow for the available lighting. To overcome the blur, I opened a couple of shades and reset the aperture to the maximum opening, which i think worked out to around f4.5 or so. There’s still a slight bit of blur around the edges, but the eyes stayed clear and bright. I also didn’t mind the background being thrown completely out of focus, so huzzah.

I pulled the images into Lightroom and tidied the overall exposure and crop a bit. I tend to add some slight vignetting to all of my images (an issue I intend to follow up on at another time), and this was no exception. The only real manipulation I performed was to use the exposure brush to over-brighten the eyes just a smidge.

In the end, it’s one of my favorite baby shots that I’ve yet taken, and having a toddler of my own, that’s saying something. I adore the inquisitive look on his face and the clarity in his eyes. It was certainly enough to get me thinking about taking a lot more photographs and blogging again.

May this be the first step on a longer and more fruitful journey than the ones I usually embark on!


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