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Damn You Ron Dumont!

Just when I thought I was successfully over my former video game addiction, I get gifted a copy of Portal!


Letting a Dead Dog Lie

I came to realize recently that I have to many projects going on. Ok, most people would consider them hobbies, but I am trying to find ways to monetize them. Either way, I knew I was spending far too much time on the various projects. Mostly, this was because I was stubbornly refusing to give up my ancient Apple G4 PowerPC (non Intel) system. I got the thing used about five years ago, and it was already starting to slow down then. I had put more memory, upgraded the processor and managed the hell out of the file system, but I could no longer ignore the weakest link in the chain… it simply did not have an Intel based processor, and software developers had decided to leave users like me behind.

The largest hurdle in my way regarding the upgrade was that I couldn’t afford to get another Mac. Even used systems were out of my price range. The thought of having to rebuild all of my software and preferences and file system gave me night sweats, so I put it off as long as I could. When it started taking more than 5 minutes to perform simple photo edits, I knew there was no choice but to switch.

A friend of mine has a cousin that owns a computer store nearby. Occasionally, people will drop off machines for repairs, find out how much the repair costs will be and never return to pick it up. Luckily for me, I was in the market for a decent performing used machine right around the same time as this guy was deciding to sell off the orphans. As a result, I now have a fairly new Dell laptop with decent specs, and i got it for a song.

I don’t think you can really appreciate how bad a situation has gotten until you see it from a new light. This can be true about ending a relationship, starting a new job, test driving a newer car, and upgrading a computer system. i know I don’t have a fast computer by any means, but this thing smokes what I was using. It’s allowing me to finally speed my workflow for photo editing, web store maintenance, blogging and music recording to the point that I can give all of my projects the attention they deserve.

Now all that is holding me back is my own proclivity for procrastination.