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Six and Twenty, A Song for Sandy Hook

Six and Twenty, A Song for Sandy Hook.


From my other blog.


Hard Times Come Again No More

Hard Times Come Again No More.

This is from my other blog. It’s meant as a tribute to the people of Newtown and as inspiration to everyone trying to reconcile what happened there.

Say Hi to the Newest Member of the Chicago Robbery

Here’s another blog I started up for my band yesterday. If you like what I do here, you’ll probably enjoy what I do over there, too

!Say Hi to the Newest Member of the Chicago Robbery.


Lyrics to Page


Today was a very musical day, as it turned out. I managed to cap it off by coming up with lyrics and a melody to go along with a guitar piece I had kicking around.

The photo was taken using Quicksnap on my DroidX. I set the focus to macro, shined a table lamp over my shoulder and fired. The flash was on auto, and it went off. I edited using the Aviary plugin, first cropping square, then adding the “Alice” filter. Then I did some tweaking with the exposure settings until it was just so. I finished it off by sending the photo over to Lightbox, where I applied the “Instafix” filter before posting.

Not so big a deal. Oh, and the song itself is inspired by the Arrested Development television program. More specifically, by the conversation a group of friends were having in the background of the guitar recording that I was working from (which I intend to include when I record the song).