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Six Strings and Dings


I love taking shots of my beat up Guild. I might not be able to play it live at the moment, but it’s sill my go to guitar… Easy to play and incredibly warm sounding. As a rule, I adore instruments that show their use. I’m not going to say I haven’t taken care of it, but shit happens… and considering it’s been my primary instrument for years, a lot of shit has happened. Scratches, dings, chips, gouges… she’s got them all! I wouldn’t have out any other way. By the way, I shot this on my 4 year old DroidX and edited it using the Aviary app… whatever.


Looking Up


Here’s another shot from the converted mill I worked in last weekend.

I took this looking straight up a stairwell using nothing more than the camera on my phone. I then loaded it into the Aviary app and applied the “Concorde” filter.